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Someone might steal your website or email or personal data.
KKCSI help you to protect your website, secure your email and recover your personal data. 
KKCSI 帮助您保护您的网站,为您的电子邮件提供安全解决方案并恢复您的个人数据。

Cyber Security Solutions


Got a cyber security problem?
Tell me your problem, then I'll give you the solution.


Data = Treasure


Don't wait until become a victim of the Cyber Attacks. The Cyber Criminals might ask for a ransom or a sum of money to give back your important file and images.

不要等到成为网络攻击的受害者。 网络犯罪分子可能会勒索赎金或一笔钱,以便还原您的重要档案和图像。


One of the common cyber security faced by corporates is Ransomware.
Ransomware is a type of malicious software from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.

企业面临的常见网络安全之一是 Ransomware。

KKCSI Cyber Security Malaysia Company 马来西亚网络安全公司

Website Hacked?

Someone hacked your website? Changed your website homepage and display something else?
Your company image is jeopardised.

Simply restore the website from the backup will not solve the problem. The malicious codes still remain in the website or the "Backdoor" still open for other hackers to deface your website again.
KKCSI can solve your problem.

有人攻击你的网站? 改变了你的网站主页,并显示其他东西?

简单地从备份恢复网站将不会解决问题。 恶意代码仍然保留在网站或“后门”仍然打开让其他黑客再次破坏你的网站。
KKCSI 可以解决你的问题。

Our Services

We only do what we can do

1) Website Security

We check and propose to you the solution to improve your website securities.

2) Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We can redesign your website to make it more SEO friendly. So that your website can get a better ranking in Google search engine.

3) Web Hosting

Most of the time, weak security in most cheap web hosting is the reason why your website and emails hacked. We can provide you the best possible security solution for your websites and emails.

4) Email

Many companies ignore the threat that can happens to their emails. Using outdated software such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Eudora to receive and send your important emails is risky. We can give you a much more secure solution for your email security.

5) Website Hijacked / Defaced

Most web hosting companies or web designers cannot solve your problem. After restore back your website, it will be hacked again and again. Because the hackers already planted something in your website or your hosting account. We can help to fix it for you.

6) Computer Hard Disk or External Hard Disk Damage

We can try to get back the lost file and pictures from your damaged Hard Disk or External / Portable Hard Drive.

7) Any other website or email related security issue?

Just contact us and let us know the problem.

KKCSI Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Just ONE rule.
We will not disclose any client's details, identity or information.
Everything are highly confidential.


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